Dragana Mitrovic  (Prof.)

Dragana Mitrović, is full time professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences and founder and director of the Institute for Asian Studies (ias.rs), as well as the chief editor of the academic journal Asian Issues. She is leading regional expert for economy, politics and security of modern China and the East Asia. She also served one term in Foreign Service at the Embassy of the FR Yugoslavia in Beijing. Professor Mitrovic teaches Political Economy, International Political Economy, Political Economy of the PR China and East Asia, Geopolitics and Geo-economics. She is the head of the Regional Asian Studies master course. Prof. Mitrovic is the author of five books and more than sixty papers. She took part in more than forty international scientific conferences as an invited speaker.

Titel von Dragana Mitrovic

China Threat: Fact or Fake?

China Threat: Fact or Fake?

Collected Papers of the 2022 International Symposium in Vienna

The reason why I organize this conference is that…