Joy Manne  (Dr.)

Joy Manne
Dr. Joy Mann teaches Relational Intelligence through Breathwork, Family Constellations (Bert Hellinger's method), Voice Dialogue (Hal and Sidra Stones method), and Energywork. 
Joy works with people who are self-responsible and who want to learn to live their lives happily, creatively, and without causing hurt or harm to themselves or others. Joy works in Switzerland mostly in French (her own kind of franglais!) and Poland where she is translated into English.
"Conscious Breathing : How Shamanic Breathwork Can Transform Your Life" will introduce you to the wonders of Breathwork. It shows how when Consciousness is allowed to develop, its process of development is shamanic.
"Soul Therapy" will help you find your way from therapy that strengthens the Ego, to your own quest to be responsive to the guidance of your Soul. (this book is translated into Polish, German, French and Spanish)
"Conscious Breathing"
"Conscious Breathing : How Shamanic Breathwork Can Transform Your Life"
Les constellations familiales: Integrer la sagesse des constellations familiales dans sa vie Quotidienne. Preface de Bert Hellinger. (Jouvence-Pratiques, 2005)
Le Dialogue Interieur
Le Dialogue Interieur au Quotidien : Mettre en scene sa personnalite. Preface de Hal et Sidra Stone. (Jouvence-Pratiques, 2006)
De la peface par Hal et Sidra Stone

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Die Seele braucht keine Therapie, wir brauchen Seelentherapie

Das Ego muss verstehen. Deshalb muss das Ego die…