Karl-Heinz Pohl  (Prof.)

Karl-Heinz Pohl (卜松山): Born 1945. 1982: Ph.D. University of Toronto; 1987-1992: Professor of Chinese Studies, Tübingen University. 1992-2010: Chair of Chinese Studies at Trier University (Germany); now retired. 
Fields of Research: Chinese History of Ideas; Ethics and Aesthetics of Modern and Pre-Modern China; Chinese Literary Theory; Intercultural Communication and Dialogue between China and the West. 
Publications (selection): Cheng Pan-ch'iao (郑板桥): Poet, Painter and Calligrapher, 1990; Aesthetics and Literary Theory in China – From Tradition to Modernity, 2006 (in German and Chinese translation: 卜松山 : 中国的美学和文学理论). Ed.: Chinese Thought in a Global Context: A Dialogue Between Chinese and Western Philosophical Approaches, 1999. Ed.: Chinese Ethics in a Global Context. Moral Bases of Contemporary Societies, 2002. Translator of Tao Yuanming's (陶渊明) complete collection of poetry into German Der Pfirsichblütenquell (The Peach Blossom Spring), 1985. German translation of Li Zehou's (李泽厚) The Path of Beauty (美的历程): Der Weg des Schönen, 1992. China for Beginners (in German: China für Anfänger, 2008) in Chinese translation as卜松山: 发现中国 - 传统与现代 (2016)

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China Threat: Fact or Fake?

China Threat: Fact or Fake?

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